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      Hello SNS Theme Team,

      First of all I shall just appreciate you for developing such a great theme.
      I have purchased this theme from Themeforest and now I am almost ready to launch my store. But I am facing some issues and need your help for solving those. My issues are listed as follow with snapshots:

      Issue:1 = I have created categories and uploaded all products. Now if you go to the category page for example , you can see that the sorting option is missing from the right sidebar of all category page. I need to show my Product’s Attributes in the right sidebar so that an user can sort easily. Please take a look here: Please guide me how can I display my desired attributes in the right sidebar.

      Issue:2 = If you go to a single product display page for example, you can see that the right sidebar area is blank. I need your guidance on how to show Related Products in this sidebar. Also please tell me how can I use a static block in the product page sidebar. Please take a look here: Also I don’t want to show Community Poll in the sidebar, so kindly guide me how can I remove that.

      Issue:3 = Please guide me in which file I can edit the Product Page Tab’s Text for example Description, Additional, Tags, Review. Actually I want to change the text of Description to Product Description. Kindly provide me the path of the file which is responsible for this tab layout. Please take a look here:

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