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    I am using your template and there are some mistakes in it.
    When I adding product additional inforamtion, tab has cuted title.
    Here you can see it: http://mebelrossi.ru/product/кресло-руководителя-chairman-ch-420-14/

    Name of color in russian language must be as “Цвет” but it’s cuted and now it looks like “Цв”. Where I can correct it?

    2. In IExplore I can’t see image of product, but I can see them in Chrome

    3. Images of products cuted. I already unchecked check boxes with “hard crop” in Woocommerce Settings. But it’s was useless. Where I can resize it images of products?

    4. On main page there are two block with best selling and popular items. Items has titles. Where I can delete strong meta?

    Thanks a lot.
    Best Reagrds.

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