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    Just purchased Kalolia 1.3 for Prestashop. Have some questions:
    1) The blog module (next to our brand module) is not present anywhere, where can i find/install it?

    2) I need to change to compare button which hoovers in when mouseover on a product. I want to change to a quick view symbol/function like many other themes have. I won’t be needing the compare function on my site.

    3) The countdown you have on product deals in your demo, where do i control this on a product? (I can only control title and how many products shown)

    4) How do i control the type of design on the dropdown menus in the top menu? In your demo you have several different ones.

    5) The top slideshow i dont know how this works. It seems a bit confusing in the module control. Only some big pictures and some text out of the frame i can´t edit without text goes crazy. I can only change the pictures and not the text and link text flying in? Makes sense?

    6) The footer middle col#1 has only a line. Where can i change the icons hoover text and links? (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)

    7) The custom tab on each product, can this only be the same on ALL products in the shop, or can i customize a new tab for each product? In the module it seems i can only control all tabs at once.

    8) In the dropdown menu on the cart in top right, what are the difference between “go to cart” and “checkout”?

    Think thats it for now..:-)


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