Hi there, well i am unable to show this on an image but i will try to clarify a bit…
On our main nav (http://www.envo.happytesting.co.uk/) we have the BAGS category with the megamenu; within that dropdown we have a subcategory called GREEN MAILERS onder which we have listed all the sub-sub categories GM_A, GM_B, GM_C and so on.
I dont want all the GMs to go to the category pages but to the single product pages; to do that i have created the URL Rewrites for each subcategory. I have done this twice already; each time everything worked nice and smooth; however after a while the old paths to the category pages (which i have deleted when creating the URL Rewrites) appeared back on the back end and the subcategories from the mega menu are linking to the category page again, not to the single product, as they were a day ego.

My cache is disabled, i didnt reindex any data…
I wonder what could make the urls changing to the original target path???