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    So to confirm the issues are

    – images on home page and product pages are not alinging we changed settings as per you suggested and they still won’t along although images sizes are the same

    Also images on 15 inch laptop don’t stay on page as the edge of page is not visible on this laptop device and isn’t responsive as it should be

    – the images on main product page are also not right and not visible correctly

    – we use snap Finace and the break down price calculator that usually shows on product pages and single product page like our original website isn’t showing on your theme see our original site example here with a product


    You will see it shows fine on our site so we need this to also show as it’s important for our finance packages

    – also we use woocommerce product-addons again the check boxes are alinged on wrong side and also not alinged

    See also on this old link they are alinged nicely and tidy we need them to be like this on your theme


    I’ve also attached some screen shots of both them issues

    – also the header you have on your other theme DSK header 1 is perfect for what we want are we able to have that header added to use that as the headers you have made for this theme don’t seem to look right? See screenshot attached

    6- the product single image page when you click on a variable product and choose off the drop down a selection the main gallery images all go funny and in a long row which is off putting and another glitch in your them pls can you fix this

    Also the theme hasn’t been updated for 9 months and keeps saying outdated files which may be cause of some of the issues

    See the site with the theme that we are discussing and with issues here so you can check all issues raised and see on all screen sizes and see what we mean


    We hope you can help address

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