– Trending products are shown from the beginning without setting anything because it show products are rated most, limit 12 products.
– To lost big space, you need make these steps:
1, go to sns_codia\skin\frontend\sns_codia\default\less\content\content.less
2. go to line 5 comment code :
min-height: 500px;
– To show only featured products( do not display layout position No.5 – product tabs under cordia policy) you need make these steps:
1, go to admin >> CMS >> Pages >> codia_home_page >>Design
2, delete code:
<block type=”codia/wrapper” name=”section.no2″>
<action method=”setParams”><params>class=”wrap”</params></action>
<block type=”producttabs/slider” effects=”bounceInRight”/>