Please check the screenshots I made from your video. The two screenshots are about ‘New products’ that works and ‘Featured Product’ that DOES NOT work. I’m pretty sure you can find the square or rectangle around the text ‘New Products’.

    What I found is that currently the text without the rectangle around it does not work with inline translation. The ‘Featured Product’ in inline translation mode does not work. This is the only one of the examples.

    Please check the .PDF file I uploaded before in my previous post and find what other contents that do not work with inline translation and provide professional fix. The fix to the inline translation issue you provided in your previous posts is not related to this issue at all.

    Please note that the issue is there. The ‘sales’, ‘featured products’, the left and middle links in the footer don’t work either. If you are pretty sure that they do not exist, please provide the video or some other methods showing how the inline translation of these contents – ‘sales’, ‘featured products’, the left and middle links in footer work.

    Please let us know if you are not clear about the post. Your help and contribution are very appreciated!


    1. Video-Featured_Products.png

    2. Video-New_Products.png