I don’t understand the fix. Please clarify the specific steps to the fix. I’d really appreciate if you may let us know the fix to the ‘Featured Product’ in details

    I believe that you are talking about “Go to Admin >> SMS >> Pages >> lamino_home_page >> Design”. Anyway, I added the code ‘<product_order_by>created_at</product_order_by>’ to my dev environment which is the same as my live environment, but nothing changed. It means there may be something else to the fix of “New Product”.

    I noticed that one of you added the following to my backen since they did not exist in the original quick start installation, but they don’t work anyway:
    “<product_order_by>price</product_order_by>” for Featured product
    “<product_order_by>best_sales</product_order_by>” for Sales
    “<product_order_by>top_rating</product_order_by>” for Trending

    Please also specify the steps to the fix to the left and middle part of footer as well