1. It is important for my client to implement a price slider. Is there a technical restriction? In case you can’t add it, is there a plugin compatible with your theme you are aware of and I can use?

2. I’m attaching you a screenshot. I want the last icon to be a “quick view” with a popup, not a view sending the customer in the product page.

3. I used the files in the codia.zip. It was a bit difficult because my installation had different classes than the zip file. It messed up the header, the menu and the product list (for example, my installation had the class header_mainmenu and the file header.phtml in zip had another). I managed to fix most of the problems but I can’t fix the button “add to cart”. As you can see in the screenshot the button is broken. If I fix the button it doesn’t work the jQuery and vice versa. Could you please help me on that. Please let me know if you need access to my server.

Thank you.

  1. view.jpg