I have some issue on the theme which i need to be fixed as soon as possible.

1- i have made some changes in the css for re-locating the logo and adjusting the menu, for one time the data has been corrected and loaded as per desired and change in the css
(theme-d31c23.css) But after a while the all the setting which have been done revert to the default and setting has been reset. Please let me know how can i fix that.

2- I have a section named hot deals and the products shows one in one row sea the image layout i want to load the products in one but products should be multiple.

3- The product is not showing proper hover while checking the hover see the image product.

MY site url is :http://aworldofbamboo.theonline.com.au/

Please fix my issue.


  1. layout.png

  2. product.png