Hi Nguyen and thanks for your answer.

It’s practically perfect… except that the map doesn’t load automatically.

I replaced the sns-gmap.tpl by the file you sent me and uploaded it via FTP after entering the needed data this way:

var companyName2 = “Boutique de Ribeauvillé”; // change as your info
var companyPhone2 = “09 66 92 02 06”; // change as your info
var companyEmail2 = “laure@coeurdeframboise.fr”; // change as your info
var address2 = “106 grand rue, 68150 Ribeauvillé, France”; // change as your info
var companyInfo2 = “RIBEAUVILLE”; // change as your info

I also changed the map zoom as to show both of the shops :

var mapOptions = {
zoom: 8,

Now I can see the 2 markers… But the map remains grey: it only appears if I click on the zoom level… (I had the same problem before configuring the zoom level, so I suppose the issue is elsewhere)…

Please see the enclosed screenshot and tell me how to solve this issue…

Thanks a lot

Best Regards

agence NEOH

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