– icon trash: the other developer from the other extension ( i have only payment extension insalled, they says the same, its not from your extension. I don´t know what this is. How can i disable this?

– The results are enough. for Example there are 50 articles in the category, but if i click on the megamenu on this category only 12 will be displayed, altough the filter results are set on 60.

You can test ist on this link, http://psdemo.computer4u.at/41-digitalkameras
and in the attached file.I have tried to clean the browser cache, but its the same. I get always 12 articles altough i habe set on 60 per page. and i get no page buttons to scroll to the next page.

I must click on the show field button and reduce the number to 12 or 24 then the pages appear again. This behavior is not normal

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