Nam Nguyen

Hi Flowie71,
Sory sorry for the delay.

– In SNS PRODUCT TABS the ouline is bigger in first 2 products and smaller in the last 2. How to fix this? and “How do i create background for text on a slider? And how do i make this red button adjust to text? ”
Sorry, i don’t really understand your issue. If possible please give me a screenshot about your issue. So, i will have a closer look at your issue
– How do i remove compare buttons? – Yes , you can goto
find and comment tag div have class = “compare” .
– The review stars and all that comments doesnt work?
If possible please give me Access Info(Admin account, FTP account)
to check your setting and debug
Please see some links bellow to protect your info:
How to send Site’s access information?
– On product page how do I translate ‘VIEWED PRODUCT’? – Yes ,
goto file root\modules\snstorontotheme\views\templates\hook\innerleftproduct.tpl.

-On main there is featured block, how do i make it 3 products in a row? – You need create product “Best Sales”, “Featured Product” and “Hot deals” in backoffice.