Well it didnt, as i mentioned in the previews comments i already know how to remove the “Be the first to review this product” but i have no clue how to replace the “Be the first to review this product” with “as low as” or the tier price.

2. We would like and need to implement the tier price which is featured on the single product page (Buy 4 boxes for £20.00 each and save 29%) – please look at the
just under the Availability: In Stock –
on the homepage product tabs and category pages exactly where the review notice is at the moment; so where we have the “Be the first to review this product” we would like to have the “Buy 4 boxes for £20.00 each and save 29%” – of course the figures would very.
The tier price is our lowest possible price and we would like to be able to feature this price on every page under each product.

—Hi, I have just spotted the feature for the up sell products on the single product pages:
The upsell products has something that says “as low as” if this was easier to implement than the tier price, than this option would be even better… 🙂
Thanks and sorry for messing around…—